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Liza Hanoman

Liza Hanoman

Ms. Liza Hanoman, Compliance Officer and In House Counsel at D-3 Enterprises Limited brings a unique and diverse wealth of experience in Law, Social Work and Financial Services. A graduate of the University of Guyana and an author, Ms. Hanoman holds two Bachelor degrees in Law and Social Work and has been admitted to the Bar in Guyana and Anguilla.

Adept at legal matters, regulations, arbitrations and adjudications, Ms. Hanoman's skills has proven most useful in ensuring our clients are treated fairly and we maintain a level of trend setting service and professionalism that is second to none.
A highly motivated, passionate and educated individual, Ms. Hanoman has a special affinity and interest towards charities, domestic abuse, and counseling.

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There are many companies, but not all of them you can count of when you really need them. I have recently experienced a situation in my life that had it not been for me making the right decision to enroll my family in the Air Ambulance coverage offered by D-3 Enterprises Limited, I would have been a widow today. --Hulda Romney

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